"Don't cry over spilt milk"

Back to the Food photography and what is be fun and creative when doing products and "Visual merchandising".

When I prepare for a shoot I make a "Mood Board". The board will present the "Mood" of the finished picture. I will add location for the shoot, Materials for the Backdrop, props, Products - and the gear needed for the actually shoot. 

I like to shake up a picture with action, shadows, light drops.. all thise wonderful effects will be more or les be included in my pictures.

The products in the picture shall fell like temptations, or give the costumers a sense of smell, heat or cold...  and it is possible to include in the pictures.

For the "Spilt Milk" picture I use M-mode and push with three flashes. I drop the shutter speed and make a focus on the milk. Have a second person to assist you.. if you want to try out:-). Good luck and fun with the camera.