"How do you like your eggs?"

Food photography is all about "To present" the products not in words - but in a frame of light strobes, colours and good quality of food products. 

When I do a specific theme of food photography I do my research in old renascence paintings, cook books and reach for different expressions of my backdrops. I match up -  and pick out hardware/particular herbs ect. 

I make sure I have enough space round the setting and from there I set up my Lighthouse and in there building my "Displays".

The product will get a different look depending on the lense I use. I try out the lenses (after many shoots you will know what to pick but I sometimes let myself be surprised). I always try different mode of camera settings as ISO, program, W/B balance .. But very important is the focus points and how many to use.

All thise combinations makes the right atmosphere and will "Tell the story" I want to present with my picture. 

How do you like your Eggs :-)? 

Have a great weekend Mette Nielsen