Photoshop goes hand in hand with food photography <3

Ecommerce.  When I started to shoot products I was very focused on my camera settings and light settings. The perfect picture demands good skills in camera technique.  I would spend so much time in how to set my focus and  how to build up my settings for the actually shoot. 

The more images I made, the more demanding I became to myself over time. The images came out great.. but still, I wanted to add... more to the picture than I actually had in my real studio. It would be something like smoke, fog, or even heavy strobes of light. I wanted to add and play with text layers and figurs to brush up the images to become more "Eye-catching". 

I must say that Photoshop and me have not always been best friends. Now I can't live without her. She is flattering to my pictures and she put on the sparkles :-) everytime. She can be a troublemaker but then I have my friend YouTube. He is a true helper! 

Today I finished a picture for Ecommerce and had this felling "Yes". Photoshop, she was good to me.   I landed all my own expectations and I pushed my own limits. Thats a great felling. I bet, I am not the first sitting behind the screen for hours and days learning how to build up the layers and adding on. Now I know! And it fells great. 

I love shooting the pictures - that is my passion. But I learn over the years the expectations from the customers and my own - just keep challenging in a healthy way. We get naturally inspired on the net, by our friends and family - we see new ways of presenting a portrait all the time (or food photography). This is why this business is so exciting. 

To all who are sitting behind the screens for learning - keep up! 


All the best from Mette-Margrethe Nielsen