Photoshop goes hand in hand with food photography <3

Ecommerce.  When I started to shoot products I was very focused on my camera settings and light settings. The perfect picture demands good skills in camera technique.  I would spend so much time in how to set my focus and  how to build up my settings for the actually shoot. 

The more images I made, the more demanding I became to myself over time. The images came out great.. but still, I wanted to add... more to the picture than I actually had in my real studio. It would be something like smoke, fog, or even heavy strobes of light. I wanted to add and play with text layers and figurs to brush up the images to become more "Eye-catching". 

I must say that Photoshop and me have not always been best friends. Now I can't live without her. She is flattering to my pictures and she put on the sparkles :-) everytime. She can be a troublemaker but then I have my friend YouTube. He is a true helper! 

Today I finished a picture for Ecommerce and had this felling "Yes". Photoshop, she was good to me.   I landed all my own expectations and I pushed my own limits. Thats a great felling. I bet, I am not the first sitting behind the screen for hours and days learning how to build up the layers and adding on. Now I know! And it fells great. 

I love shooting the pictures - that is my passion. But I learn over the years the expectations from the customers and my own - just keep challenging in a healthy way. We get naturally inspired on the net, by our friends and family - we see new ways of presenting a portrait all the time (or food photography). This is why this business is so exciting. 

To all who are sitting behind the screens for learning - keep up! 


All the best from Mette-Margrethe Nielsen


"Don't cry over spilt milk"

Back to the Food photography and what is be fun and creative when doing products and "Visual merchandising".

When I prepare for a shoot I make a "Mood Board". The board will present the "Mood" of the finished picture. I will add location for the shoot, Materials for the Backdrop, props, Products - and the gear needed for the actually shoot. 

I like to shake up a picture with action, shadows, light drops.. all thise wonderful effects will be more or les be included in my pictures.

The products in the picture shall fell like temptations, or give the costumers a sense of smell, heat or cold...  and it is possible to include in the pictures.

For the "Spilt Milk" picture I use M-mode and push with three flashes. I drop the shutter speed and make a focus on the milk. Have a second person to assist you.. if you want to try out:-). Good luck and fun with the camera. 

"How do you like your eggs?"

Food photography is all about "To present" the products not in words - but in a frame of light strobes, colours and good quality of food products. 

When I do a specific theme of food photography I do my research in old renascence paintings, cook books and reach for different expressions of my backdrops. I match up -  and pick out hardware/particular herbs ect. 

I make sure I have enough space round the setting and from there I set up my Lighthouse and in there building my "Displays".

The product will get a different look depending on the lense I use. I try out the lenses (after many shoots you will know what to pick but I sometimes let myself be surprised). I always try different mode of camera settings as ISO, program, W/B balance .. But very important is the focus points and how many to use.

All thise combinations makes the right atmosphere and will "Tell the story" I want to present with my picture. 

How do you like your Eggs :-)? 

Have a great weekend Mette Nielsen




eCommerce photo shoot of fresh food

Up-dating the pictures from different photoshoot of "Fresh Food Ecommerce". The new Ecommerce will soon be ready and I am so excited. The variation of the pictures demands lots of Ideas and for that... lots of photo gear and equipment. The focus is on the good quality of food products and that is is all just from the local farms or local companies. Lots of the food is handmade and this is why I do "On location" to show the work and true quality. At this moment I am always on the run for new great Ideas, locations for photoshoots and how to do our next "Fresh Food Shoot".