I strive to the very highest quality photos, having professional background as visual merchandiser in leading fashion & home decoration firms combined with my professional photographic skills, ensures that you get shots that are not only very high quality but also visual thought  to present the object in the very best way - my motivation and objective is to achieve visual perfection.

My childhood years and school time is back in Denmark. I grew up in a big busy but very warm family. My Father was dedicated to photography for centuries, done several exhibitions and won awards. He is the one who took us out traveling and introduced me to Jazz music, art and photography. Growing up, I was the funny kid observing the world through a magnifiers glass. I wanted to get to know the whole world and its cultures. As I would turn the pages in the old books - I searched for africans trials, First Nation People, China ect.  - and now I live in Canada. I must say that I am inspired by my dad's work and the many travels, cultures and people. 

Already in my very young years I had eyes for fashion, Urban streetlife and wanted to learn more. 

I was educated within visual merchandising and soon became head of merchandising at the largest and most successful home-design and fashion retail companies in my home country.  Spent several years with responsibility of the store decoration and when producing catalogues it taught me how to combine the visual merchandising with photo-shoot to get the very best result out of the images.

I have always focused on improving myself, life is a learning experience, and I have over time been taught by some of the very best photographers in various photo techniques and their secrets.

Today I get my inspiration from documentary, through my friends lives, internet and research in books about photography. I join groups with other photographers, where we share inspiration and coach each others. I regulary participate in courses like 'Photography Summit - Toronto', 'Pro Flash Lightning', 'Pro Nikon camera' - and 'Portrait photography' just to mention some... 

I have taken intensive private lessons in Photoshop CC 2015 throughout 8 hours a week a year - to get full value and hands on techniques.

To accommodate all kinds of projects, I have a beautiful network of pro-people. I can arrange Makeup, hair, Pro editor in Photoshop, video etc. I love to work outdoor with or without flash - but I love to use and play with Flashlight. 

Welcome to Mette Nielsen Photography

I have the very best Nikon pro-line equipment to get the best optical results and have mobile light boxes to do photoshoot at your location - I also have a studio at home if you prefer that, below is a selection of my Nikon pro equipment, the best you can get.

- Nikon D5

- Nikon D810

- 35mm

- 50mm

- 85mm

- 105mm

- 14-24mm

- 24-70mm

- 70-200mm

- SB910 speed flashes w/Pocket Wizard TT1

- Strobe lights


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